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This selection of articles is basically me trying to get to grips with the technical aspects of digital camera and modern optics to plan my purchases and guide my technique. I make this available in the hope it will be useful and interesting to others.

I have been looking into how combined daylight and flash exposure works in the EOS 20D, see Flash Tests.

Here is an explanation of Depth of Field and this effects DSLRs with smaller than full 35mm frame sensor sizes.

This section covers some RAW conversion tests.

Here are some words regarding lens MTF data and sensor and lens resolution.

These are some simple tabulations regarding printing resolution and permissible frame cropping.

I have developed a method for simulating the image that can be expected from a lens using MTF data with some results in my lens simulation page. This page also discusses the lens test software IMATEST and DxO Analyzer.

Following on from the lens simulations I have also had a look at the issues of the Anti-Alias Filter and Sharpening.

This page covers the theory for Tilt and Shift Lenses.

This page looks into Lens Distortion Correction and Image Detail, the effect on image detal by using photoshop to correct barrel and pincushion distortion.


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