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Photography has been a quite serious hobby for me since about 1980 when I got my first Canon SLR.

There some pictures in Photos & Themes.

The pages under Hardware and Technical are essentially me trying to work out a hardware roadmap and understand the differences between digital and film SLRs and may be helpful to others.

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Recent New and Changed Articles 01-May-2016

Downloads 04-Feb-2016

Lens Measurement Software V4.1, Standalone Executable. Recompiled for MATLAB 2013b for Windows 64 bit (MCR Download from MathWorks). Myexif to estimate macro magnification also recompiled with ...

Recent New and Changed Photos 25-Jan-2020

Birds of Prey 25-Jan-2020

Birds%20Sparrowhawk%20A006_004_24-01-20 Birds%20Sparrowhawk%20A006_002_24-01-20 Birds%20Sparrowhawk%20A005_004_24-01-20 Birds%20Sparrowhawk%20A005_001_24-01-20 Birds%20Sparrowhawk%20A003_007_24-01-20 Birds%20Sparrowhawk%20A003_004_24-01-20

Dragonflies 04-Jan-2020

Insect%20Keeled%20Skimmer%20A04_003_12-07-19 Insect%20Keeled%20Skimmer%20A02_001_12-07-19

True Flies 04-Jan-2020


Damselflies 04-Jan-2020

Insect%20Small%20Red%20A03_001-03_12-07-19 Insect%20Small%20Red%20A01_001-03_12-07-19 Insect%20Dragonfly%20A01_001-02_12-07-19

Butterflies Moths 04-Jan-2020

Insect%20Com%20Blue%20m%20A01_001-02_12-07-19 Insect%20Com%20Blue%20f%20A01_001_12-07-19

Beetles 04-Jan-2020


Captive Animals 30-Dec-2019

zoo%20Araibian%20Rock%20Hydrax%20B01_005_19-09-19 zoo%20Araibian%20Rock%20Hydrax%20B01_001_19-09-19

Birds 28-Dec-2019

zoo%20bds%20Wrumped%20shama%20m%201A04_003_08-07-19 zoo%20bds%20Wrumped%20shama%20m%201A04_002_08-07-19 zoo%20bds%20Wrumped%20shama%20m%201A03_002_08-07-19 zoo%20bds%20Wrumped%20shama%20m%201A02%20_001_08-07-19

Flora 25-Jan-2020

flora%20Flowers%20F001_001_13-07-19 flora%20Flowers%20E001_001_13-07-19 flora%20Flowers%20D001_001_13-07-19 flora%20Flowers%20C001_002_13-07-19 flora%20Flowers%20C001_001_13-07-19 flora%20Flowers%20B001_001_13-07-19 flora%20Flowers%20A001_001_13-07-19 Flora%20Flower%20A01_001-04_12-07-19 Flora%20Chalice%20Well%20Berry%20A01_002_25-09-19

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