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Excel Spreadsheet Comparing Canon MTF Data and some Photodo MTF data: 

Download V3.5 1.25Mb [Includes new TS-E 17mm f4L and TS-E 24mm f3.5L II]

This document has been tested on Microsoft EXCEL 2000 and EXCEL 2002 but should be compatible with other recent versions.
Note that visual basic macros are used in this document for some features. If your security is set to disable macros those features will be unavailable. However, the basic comparative plot functionality will be OK. See 1 and 4 for Open Office below. There is a problem in EXCEL 2000 that prevents it saving text reports as correctly formatted HTML files.
The document may also be opened by Open Office 1.1.4 onward with the following issues:
1. Some features using visual basic macros will show the error #MACRO. The basic comparative plots will work OK along with the selection command objects for selecting lens etc.
2. Roll-over help in the form of EXCEL notes show in Open Office but are shown under rather than over the control objects.
3. The two command buttons on the "Proof Plot" sheet use VB macros and so do nothing in Open Office.
4. The command buttons on Analysis Control use VB macros and so do nothing.
5. For Photodo data the 30lp/mm information is interpolated from the 20 and 40 lp/mm data using a VB macro so this will not be available.
Usage Notes The sheet will display up to 8 lenses characteristics at a time for a single condition. Canon provide 4 conditions; Max f stop 10 lp/mm, max ap 30 lp/mm, f8 10 lp/mm, f8 30 lp/mm.
For each condition Canon supply MTF curves for the two orthogonal direction S and M.
For subjects with lots of detail in one direction (distant trees, a city skyscrapers) the worst case of these two may give the best indication of sharpness at the top/bottom and left right of the image. For subjects with lots of randomly oriented detail the Average of the S and M values will give a good indication of relative sharpness. For more information go to the links below:

Open Office is a free utility.



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