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Consumer Zooms

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MTF Study




For completeness this page takes a quick look at the comparative performance of consumer zooms in the 20 to 135mm range.

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MTF Study

In this section plots are presented for the lenses and reference lenses in several focal length groups for maximum aperture and f8,10 and 30 lp/mm.  

The Canon MTF plots are computer models and do not include production tolerances. For comparative reasons each plot includes at least one L zoom, a wide range zoom and where applicable a EF-S zoom.

Consumer Zoom 20mm

Consumer Zoom 24mm

Consumer Zoom 28mm

Consumer Zoom 35mm

Consumer Zoom 50mm

Consumer Zoom 85mm

Consumer Zoom 100mm

Consumer Zoom 135mm


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Generally there is a noticeable performance gap between the L zooms and the consumer zooms, even stopped down. The EF-S lens hold there own fairly well against the full frame consumer zooms but are outclassed in a few cases.

The EF 20-35mm showed good full frame average edge performance compared to the 17-40mm f4L.

Some of the lenses such as the 24-85mm and 28-90mm showed fairly good average performance.

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